Just a few of the comments I've received...

"You must get a lot of these, but please let me add mine to the chorus. Your spreadsheet for Boston is absolutely amazing. I was looking for some guidance, the more detail the better. I never dreamed I would find anything like what you produced."

"I just wanted to reach out and introduce myself as well as say what an awesome tool you have for pacing.  I have used your spreadsheets for years especially for Boston but also New York.  I have been running my whole life and am more than passionate about it.  I've done 17 marathons and countless half marathons. My PRs are 2:42:35 and 1:14:56 in the full and half. I feel compelled to express my gratitude for such a wonderful tool.  It is the most complete guide I have ever seen."

"I just wanted to send you a huge thanks for your pacing spreadsheet.  I wanted to BQ in Philly and had it all figured out to run with the 3:45 pacer but discovered there was no 3:45 pace group. I really think that if it weren't for the pacing band I wouldn't have made it."

"I wanted to let you know that your spreadsheet helped me qualify for Boston!!!  I've been chasing that unicorn for 11 marathons and your handiwork is honestly what did it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. YOU HELPED ME DO THIS THING!!  Hey Greg, the spreadsheet worked flawlessly. Again!"

"THANK YOU so much for your pacing spreadsheets !!! They are AMAZING !!!  I´ve purchased the NY, the Marine Corps and the Boston marathon pacing charts and they have been a BIG help for better understanding the race as a whole."

"Your pacing spreadsheet is by far the most useful tool I've come across for the Boston marathon.  Thank you very much for making it available."

"I just ran Boston for the first time, and discovered your site just days before. What an amazing resource!"

"I’ve used your sheets for years now, since I started marathoning with any real training effort in 2015.  You are the MAN!"

"Thanks again for this product - this is probably the 5th or sixth time I've bought this.  It's great!"

"I am POSITIVE that your spreadsheet did the trick. Yeah, yeah, I did a lot of training. But I think the part that was so significant was that it gave me a little game to play, kept the race fresh every mile, and let me know when I needed to move faster or slow down a bit. Without it, I would probably have tried to keep the same pace the whole time, then would have not had enough left at the end to finish the way I did. By setting realistic paces for each mile, and also knowing that I didn't have to run any faster even if people were passing me here and there early on, I had probably the best race of my life."

"Never seen anything like it…it’s awesome."

"This year I’m going to Berlin, New York, Chicago and Marine Corps, so I’ll be buying NY and MCM for sure!!!  Your data sheets are a HUGE help for those marathons!!  Thank you so much for making them!"

"This is more of a "thank you after the fact" donation since I downloaded your ING NYC spreadsheet back when it was free (2009?). I was sidelined for a while and haven't had an occasion to use it until this week. I'm running tomorrow and couldn't be more excited (and a bit nervous, of course)!  If you're still updating these and adding races, keep up the good work! If not, thanks for an incredibly detailed and helpful spreadsheet."

"I had to write and say a huge THANK YOU for your amazing pace spreadsheet.  A running friend sent me the link and I purchased it for the Richmond 2017 marathon the day before the race.  I wasn’t sure if I could actually accomplish my goal time of 4:05 but thought I’d give it a shot. Not only did it work but I actually came in 2 minutes faster with a 4:03 finish time and a new PR!  The elevation information with the pacing was dead on and I wore the pace band and followed it all through the race.  I’m now looking for my next fall marathon and I’m going to only look at marathons that you have a pacing chart for."

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say THANK YOU for that amazing pacing spreadsheet you put together.  Next to actually running, I think it's one of the best preparation tools for NYC!!!"

"I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much your spreadsheet helped me with my Boston race.  In fact, I am 100% convinced that had I not used your spreadsheet that I would not have had the race that I had nor would I have made my goal."

"I just wanted to pop you a quick mail to say a huge thanks for the service you provided me. It was my first marathon, I targeted 3:58:xx and with the help of a band of yours on each wrist I smashed it coming home in 3:58:08. Hitting every marker bang on pace and coming home in a negative split. I'm so delighted, but I would not have done it without the invaluable help of your spreadsheet."

"Just wanted to say your pace band was spot on. Best €6 I ever spent. I paced the marathon perfectly with it - coming in 5 mins ahead of time in the end as had saved myself so much in the early stages."

"Your spreadsheet worked perfectly! I stuck to my paceband (even effort, relatively fast start, no fade), and had a wonderful race."

"A lot of good info for a first timer like myself.  Thanks!"

"I wanted to thank you for the Boston Marathon pace band. I used it (supplemented with the Nike one from the expo, but I used yours almost exclusively) and it got my BQ and 2nd fastest time ever."

"Your Georgia Marathon Pacing Info is fabulous!  Thanks so much for creating it for the Pacing Team!"