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Virtually none of the pace bands found at race expos or on the Internet take into account the realities you face when running an actual race:

  • Crowded starts that slow you down
  • Hilly terrain you encounter along the course
  • Slowing down ("fading") the last few miles

The pacing spreadsheets available for download from this web site have been customized for many popular marathons and solve all of the above issues.

They are very easy to use (see diagram at right) and allow you to create any pacing strategy you like.  You can preview the impact of your pacing plan on an elevation chart of the course and print as many pace bands as you need, in four different pace band formats.

In addition to the "Pacing & Info" spreadsheets, you will also find on this web site a collection of other tools and useful information for long distance runners:

  • Elevation charts and maps for popular marathons
  • Links to running calculators and other tools
  • Links to on-line training programs and information

Whether you are looking for a new personal record at your next marathon or just want to cross the finish line, this site will help you meet your goals.
Good luck with your marathoning!

Greg Maclin

Just a few of the comments received from runners who have used these "Pacing & Info" spreadsheets:

"Your pacing spreadsheet is by far the most useful tool I've come across for the Boston marathon.  Thank you very much for making it available."

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say THANK YOU for that amazing pacing spreadsheet you put together.  Next to actually running, I think it's one of the best preparation tools for NYC!!"

"Never seen anything like it…it’s awesome."

"You must get a lot of these, but please let me add mine to the chorus. Your spreadsheet for Boston is absolutely amazing. I was looking for some guidance, the more detail the better. I never dreamed I would find anything like what you produced."

"I recently was advised to your Philly Excel Spreadsheet. I feel compelled to express my gratitude for such a wonderful tool.  It is the most complete guide I have ever seen."

"I just wanted to send you a huge thanks for your pacing spreadsheet.  I wanted to BQ in Philly and had it all figured out to run with the 3:45 pacer but discovered there was no 3:45 pace group. I really think that if it weren't for the pacing band I wouldn't have made it."

"Your spreadsheet worked perfectly! I stuck to my paceband (even effort, relatively fast start, no fade), and had a wonderful race."

"A lot of good info for a first timer like myself.  Thanks!"

"I wanted to thank you for the Boston Marathon pace band. I used it (supplemented with the Nike one from the expo, but I used yours almost exclusively) and it got

my BQ (and 2nd fastest time ever)."

"Your Georgia Marathon Pacing Info is fabulous!  Thanks so much for creating it for the Pacing Team!"

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