Terrain-adjusted marathon pace bands, pacing spreadsheets, elevation charts, training plans, running calculators, and other information for long distance runners 
On-Line Marathon Training Plans and Training Information
Get off the Couch!
Couch-to-5K (8 Weeks)
Hansons Running - Couch Potato to 10k (20 Weeks) - Couch to Marathon (30 Weeks)
Jeff Galloway Run/Walk "Marathon to Finish" (32 Weeks)
Hal Higdon "Novice Supreme" - Base Building + Marathon Training Plan (30 Weeks)

Beginner Marathon Training Plans:
Hal Higdon Novice 1 (18 Weeks)
Hal Higdon Novice 2 (18 Weeks)
Hansons Running - Beginner (18 Weeks - No long runs over 16 miles) - Beginner (22 Weeks)
Cool Running (20 Weeks)
FIRST (18 Weeks - Low Mileage)
FIRST - Frequently Asked Questions

Intermediate Marathon Training Plans:
Hal Higdon Intermediate 1 (18 Weeks)
Hal Higdon Intermediate 2 (18 Weeks)
Hal Higdon Marathon 3 (24 Weeks - Low Mileage)
Hal Higdon "Personal Best" - Base Building + Marathon Training Plan (30 Weeks)
Hal Higdon "Senior" (8 Weeks - Low Mileage) - Experienced (22 Weeks)
Cool Running (20 Weeks)
FIRST (16 Weeks - Low Mileage)

Advanced Marathon Training Plans:
Pete Pfitzinger 18/70 Plan (18 weeks)
Hal Higdon Advanced 1 (18 Weeks)
Hal Higdon Advanced 2 (18 Weeks)
Hansons Running - Advanced (18 Weeks - No long runs over 16 miles) - Elite (22 Weeks)
Cool Running "Advanced" (20 Weeks)
Cool Running "Competitive" (20 Weeks)

Multiple/Closely Spaced Marathons:
Running multiple marathons 2, 4, 6, 8 weeks apart (Hal Higdon)

Additional marathon training information:

Running Training: Principles and Needs (Jack Daniels/Coaches Education)
The "Five Pace Theory" (Frank Horwill)
The case for multi-pace training (Kevin Beck)
Optimal Marathon Training Sesssions (Pete Pfitzinger)
McMillan's Six Step Training System (McMillan Running)
Want speed? Slow down! (Dr. Philip Maffetone)
Rethink Your Marathon Training (Greg McMillan/Running Times)
3 Great Marathon Predictor Workouts (McMillan Running)
Start Slow - Finish Fast: How Three Types of Progression Runs Boost Your Fitness (McMillan Running)
The Lydiard Training System (Arthur Lydiard)
How much mileage is enough? (Jason R. Karp Ph.D)
Intelligent Training for Distance Runners (Collection of Articles by Pete Pfitzinger)
Marathon Training Methods (Renato Canova)

The Methods of Renato Canova (John Davis)
Distance Training (Hadd)
Running Fast and Injury Free (Gordon Pirie)
Eccentric Training for Downhill Running (Peak Performance)
VO2 Max Workouts (
Jim2's Running Page (Jim Fortner was a valuable resource on multiple internet forums - RIP)
Mathematical Analysis of the Daniels/Gilbert Formula (Larry Simpson)
Training and Racing Heart Rate Zones - Download (Greg Maclin)

The Evolving Art of Carbo-Loading (
Managing Muscle Tension (Runners World)
Tapering for a Marathon (Pete Pfitzinger)
Effects of Tapering on Performance - A Meta-Analysis (University of Montreal)

The Ultimate Training Guide (Hal Higdon)
The Competitive Runners Handbook (Bob and Shelly-Lynn Florence Glover)
Daniel's Running Formula (Jack Daniels)
Advanced Marathoning (Pete Pfitzinger and Scott Douglas)
Run Faster (Brad Hudson and Matt Fitzgerald)
Lore of Running (Timothy Noakes)
Run Less, Run Faster - FIRST Training Program (Runner's World)
The Pain-Free Tiathlete (Julie Donnelly)
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